At Fischer Laser Eye Center, we treat you like part of our family. Read about what some of our actual LASIK, cataract, and optical patients have to say about their experiences.


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“I noticed an improvement almost immediately. I was nearly 20/20, which was so hard to believe because I had such poor vision before the procedure."

- Hailey O.


“I had better than 20/20 vision the next day. It was amazing how well I was actually seeing."

- Courtney E.


“My vision now after the LASIK surgery is fantastic. I can get up in the morning and I can see. I can just grab my sunglasses and go."

- Ann M.


“The procedure did not take any time at all. I felt like I was in and out in five, ten minutes. I noticed improvement the very next day."

- Sue E.


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“From the time I went in, to the time I came out was hardly more than an hour. It was probably one of the easiest surgeries I have ever had in my life."

- Jerri L.


“The laser cataract procedure went very quickly. I was surprised how well I could see a couple of hours after the surgery. My vision now is 20/20."

- Debbie W.


“Since my cataract surgery I continue to enjoy riding my motorcycle. I see things so much more clearly without any glasses. The colors that I see are just more brilliant."

- Diane H.


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“The doctors and staff are all very experienced. You can be confident coming here. Whatever issue you run into with your vision, this is the place to be."

- Dion W.