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Grateful For You

Grateful for You November 1st - 24th

We're Thankful for Our Patients and Community!

20% Off Complete Frames and Lenses

20% Off Select Sunglasses

*All in-stock frames. 20% off Plano sunglasses.
Some exclusions may apply.

Changes for Dr. Nagel

As of May 1, Dr. Nagel will only be providing care at our Olivia and Redwood offices, and will no longer visit our office in Litchfield. Click the letter below for more information.

We Changed Our Phone System to Simplify Your Eye Care.

All calls made to any of our 7 convenient locations are answered by
our Willmar office. This change is to simplify access to your eye care
team and improve your experience. Whether you need to ask
questions, schedule an appointment, or refill a prescription, we are
here for you!

We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy, and we look
forward to seeing you at your next visit to Fischer Laser Eye Center!

Here are the options you will hear when you call in:

  1. Appointments or to speak to staff member
  2. Order contacts or glasses, or to check the status of either
  3. Payments
  4. Billing questions
  5. LASEK or cataract surgery questions
  6. Prescription refills



For an appointment as early as 7:30 AM, visit us in Willmar, New London, Benson, Olivia, or Litchfield.

Looking to make the most of your lunchtime? Visit any of our offices during your 12 PM break!

Call or click HERE to request an appointment today.

Mary Poppins Movie Night

FLEC employees, families and friends enjoyed a recent movie night at Mary Poppins.

Homecoming Week Fun!


As part of the Olivia Chamber of Commerce's BOLD Homecoming week, our staff chose the game, Clue, for board game day! Who did it? Mrs. Peacock with the rope, Mrs. White with the candle holder, Miss Scarlet with the gun, Colonel Mustard with the knife or Mr. Green with the wrench? Whoever did it, they all did good at looking the part.

Now Accepting VSP Insurance Plans!

At Fischer Laser Eye Center, we strive to make our premium eye care services as affordable as possible for our community. That’s why we’re so excited to add VSP to our list of accepted insurance plans.

If you’re in need of specialized eye care—from comprehensive eye exams and diagnostic services to state-of-the-art surgical procedures—request an appointment at Fischer Laser Eye Center today.

Fischer Laser Eye Center is One of the First to Adopt Topography-Assisted LASEK

Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone will now be used at Fischer Laser Eye Center to customize LASEK patient outcomes and improve patient visual quality.

Minnesota eye surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Fischer of Fischer Laser Eye Center is the first to bring FDA-approved Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone (CATz) LASEK to the upper Midwest. CATz is a topography-assisted LASEK procedure known to enhance precision and provide more customized patient outcomes using the NIDEK NAVEX Quest EC-5000 Excimer Laser System.

As one of the most recognizable names in Minnesota eye care, Dr. Fischer is known for performing innovative procedures. “Excellent results are our main priority,” says Dr. Fischer. “It’s why we perform LASEK laser vision correction as opposed to LASIK due to its more predictable outcomes, and it’s why we’ve adopted NIDEK’s CATz treatment to provide more customization for our patients.”

This customization comes from two detailed topographic maps of the cornea created during the diagnostic portion of the CATz procedure. One map depicts the cornea as it appears prior to surgery, and another depicts the cornea as it should appear after LASEK. These images enable Dr. Fischer to plan out a patient’s unique treatment as well as correct even minor irregularities.

The topography-guided CATz procedure is based on the actual cornea shape, measuring nearly 7,000 points of light, versus the approximately 200 points of light measured with traditional wavefront procedures. The NIDEK NAVEX Quest EC-5000 Excimer Laser System used in CATz LASEK is also the first shown to improve night vision.

According to the principal investigator of the CATz treatment US FDA Study, outcomes of the CATz treatment were “astoundingly good.” In fact, out of the 133 eyes evaluated from four separate centers, 95% of them achieved 20/25 vision or better after six months.