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Have you been told by your eye doctor that you have high intraocular pressure and might have glaucoma? Don’t be discouraged—our doctors specialize in helping people who have glaucoma. In fact, our board certified surgeon leads the area in advanced procedures that may reduce your dependency on glaucoma medications. He or one of our six optometrists may recommend one or more of these treatment options:


Glaucoma is usually treated with daily eye drops that decrease eye pressure either by slowing the amount of fluid produced within the eye or by improving drainage of that fluid. *


Dr. Fischer currently offers several surgical glaucoma treatments to lower pressure within the eye:

  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
    This non-invasive, low-energy procedure heats an area of the eye to help open the drainage system by targeting cells in the trabecular mesh system of the eye.
  • Photocoagulation
    This is a more involved procedure for individuals who have already had cataract surgery. Dr. Fischer lasers the cilliary muscle where the aqueous fluid is produced to decrease flow.
  • Trabeculectomy
    This procedure is more commonly used after other treatments have not been successful in lowering pressure. It involves creating a tiny passageway from the inside to the outside of the eye to help fluid drain better from areas where it is not currently draining.
  • Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation (ECP)
    ECP is a technique that reduces the amount of fluid produced in the eye and thus lowers pressure within the eye (intraocular pressure or IOP). ECP is often performed at the same time as cataract surgery for patients who suffer from both cataracts and glaucoma. Recent studies show that patients who undergo the combined ECP/cataract surgery need fewer glaucoma medications over the long term.The result is a lower, healthier pressure within the eye. Many patients who undergo ECP will sometimes no longer need eyedrops or other glaucoma medications after treatment.
  • iStent®
    An innovative approach to treating glaucoma for those who have both cataract and glaucoma is the iStent®. iStent® is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA, and is placed in the eye during cataract surgery. It is so small, you won’t be able to see or feel it after surgery, but it works continuously to help reduce eye pressure by improving outflow of fluid from the eyes. After implantation, many patients are able to control their eye pressure. In a U.S. clinical trial, iStent patients who achieved a target pressure of < 21 were more likely not to need their medications than patients with cataract surgery only.

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Glaucoma: Treatment

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